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Easily way to find interested Spatial Reference System (SRS) using EPSG codes

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EPSG registry system

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This EPSG Registry is an online directory that allows you to get Spatial Reference System (SRS). Just enter the EPSG code in input field and you will quickly see result. It's excellent solution to find SRS data by EPSG codes. Just input code such as 4326 or 3857.

basic features

GIS EPSG Registry

  • EPSG registry contains thousands of codes that can help you find the information you are interested in.
  • Very fast and simple way to get Spatial Reference System (SRS) data.
  • Just use the EPSG code.
how to

How to find SRC information using

  • Input EPSG code using decimal format.
  • Click on the 'Search' button to find information.
  • You will see a sheet with SRC information.
Features of the Aspose.Gis Epsg free app


  1. How can I find out information about the EPSG code?

    Just enter your EPSG code in the appropriate field. Then click "Search" and wait for the search process to complete. The result will be displayed in the Converted Coordinates window with the information found.
  2. What is a Well Known Text (WKT)?

    It is a textual format for representing vector geometry and describing a coordinate system.
  3. 💻 Can I use EPSG Registry on Linux, Mac OS, or Android?

    Yes, you can use the free EPSG Registry on any operating system that has a web browser. Our guide works online and does not require software installation.
  4. 🌐 Which browser should I use to get information about the EPSG code?

    To work with our EPSG Registry, you can use any modern browser, for example, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.

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